Podcast Episode 163: “Take Courage to Walk in Your Unique Destiny with God!” with Rona Spiropoulos

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Episode Synopsis:

Rona Spiropoulos is always bursting with unique and powerful revelation from the Holy Spirit, and has many years of experience in contending for, equipping for, and engaging in the Outpouring! She joins the Busses for an exciting discussion about surrendering mindset filters that resist the things of God, the call for greater discipleship in the Church, “being thrown into the deep end” in the Spirit, and having the courage to stand in your uniqueness in God in order to share the truth He has given you with the world.

Rona will be speaking at the Global Outpouring Convention, July 4-7, 2023! This will be a life-changing event. If you’re hungry for God and you’re ready to dive into the “deep end” in the Spirit, join us! Registration is now open.



Click here to see books and jewelry by Rona (https://booksbyrona.com)

The Blood: Entrance into the Supernatural by Rona Spiropoulos

Spirit Life Beyond the Veil by Rona Spiropoulos

Rescue Angels by Rona Spiropoulos (Children’s Book)

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Global Outpouring Convention 2023 – July 4-7, 2023



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