Podcast Episode 167: “Just Say, ‘Yes!’” with Pastor Larry Mauriello

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It’s time for Believers to expect to walk in the supernatural! It’s time to say yes to God. Pastor Larry Mauriello has an amazing history of living with signs and wonders like the book of Acts! As a staff pastor with a widely known healing ministry for thirty years, he witnessed first-hand the miracles that happen when someone surrenders and says yes to God again and again. He shares stories of how God placed him in strategic situations where his “yes” made a big difference. Pastor Larry and the Busses also discuss the shofar, the ram’s horn such as was blown when the walls of Jericho fell and Gideon’s army of three hundred routed thousands of enemy troops with God’s intervention. They explain some of the principles of its use and share stories of how they’ve seen God do awesome miracles when the shofar was used in spiritual warfare.


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