Podcast Episode 169: Generation Awakening with Don and Catherine James

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Millennials and Gen Z, God needs you! It’s time for every individual to wake up to the potential that God put inside of them. Every person has sound and a way of expressing themselves that nobody else has. You are essential to what God has in store for the outpouring of His Spirit!

The Busses are joined by Don and Catherine James to talk about the exciting things coming up at the Generation Awakening Retreat, August 9-12, 2023. Don and Catherine, long-time pastors of young people, share their heart for teaching the younger generations to contend for the outpouring and equipping them to follow the voice of God to engage! They also share amazing stories of how God has moved in and through the youth in prophecy and the gifts of the Spirit at previous retreats.

Come join us! Build eternal relationships, worship together, and grow deeper in God as you learn to flow in the Holy Spirit in your own unique way.


Generation Awakening 2023 – August 9-12, 2023



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