Podcast Episode 209: “The Name of Our Father” with Dr. Nehemia Gordon

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Episode Synopsis:

The Busses are joined by Dr. Nehemia Gordon for an enlightening conversation about the Name of Our Father. As a Karaite Jew who lives solely by the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament), Nehemia has a fascinating perspective on the deep things of the Hebrew Scriptures and has put decades of study into finding and confirming the correct pronunciation of the Name “Yehovah.” He shares with the Busses just a few of his many discoveries, the fascinating history of how and why God’s name, Yehovah, became forbidden to say, and why it’s important for Christians and Jews to understand it’s meaning. It’s time for His name to be known and called upon once again, not in a spirit of arrogance for being correct, but in a spirit of wanting to know who He is on a deeper level. You will love this exciting interview!


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