Podcast Episode 212: “From Darkness to Light” with Lakey Goff

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Episode Synopsis:

“You cannot separate yoga from the Hindu religion.”

Lakey Goff joins the Busses to share her testimony of being brought from darkness into His marvelous light. Born in Arkansas and raised on the mission field, Lakey had a Christian foundation at home. But while attending a very liberal university, Lakey decided to experience life her way and experimented with drugs and alcohol. After an extremely traumatic event left her grasping for healing and deliverance, Lakey found no help in powerless churches, and after twenty years in and out of mental hospitals with experimental drugs and treatments, Lakey completely immersed herself in kundalini yoga and finally found relief… or so she thought.

Then Lakey miraculously met Jesus in 2020 and received true healing and deliverance. Tune in to hear more of her amazing story, learn the truth about the subtle witchcraft and idolatry of yoga and psychic practices, and be filled with hope that if Jesus can rescue Lakey, He is willing and able to rescue you and those you love.



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