Podcast Episode 214: “Overcoming Rejection” with Olivia Buie

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Episode Synopsis:

The Busses are joined by special guest, Olivia Buie, who has a beautiful testimony of overcoming rejection, trauma, addiction, and witchcraft by encountering the love of the Father.

Growing up in an environment rife with abuse and a lack of love, Olivia grappled with feelings of inferiority and engaged in self-destructive behaviors. She shares her experiences within Mormonism, torn between its works-based beliefs and the unconditional love she longed for. Olivia reveals a turning point in her life when she embraced a personal relationship with Jesus, discovering His all-encompassing love and acceptance in a transformative encounter at the Brownsville Revival, where she felt unconditionally loved by the Father for the first time. 

And there’s much more to her story! Olivia’s testimony will encourage you to run to the Father’s wide-spread arms and find healing and deliverance there in His love.



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