Podcast Episode 215: “Pouring Out the Father’s Love” with Valerie Melroy

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Episode Synopsis:

Valerie Melroy, a longtime friend of the Busses, joins them to share about her amazing journey to experience the Love of the Father. When she was young, the Lord began to work in her a compassion for those with mental illnesses and traumas, and a desire to be on the mission field. She began to see how those two things are connected when in a season of loss and depression, she reached out to discover who God is and who she is in Him. Then Valerie experienced the true Love of the Father for the first time, as well as her identity as a son of God. And because of that revelation, the Father uses her to minister deliverance and inner healing to people with father and mother wounds.

The Father wants you to know how much He loves you! Tune in to learn more about Valerie’s story, and how you can also be drawn into the love and goodness of the Father and draw others into healing and deliverance in His loving embrace.


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