Podcast Episode 218: “The New Wine Is in the Cluster” with Valerie Melroy

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Episode Synopsis:

The Busses are joined again by Valerie Melroy, a dear friend who is newly on the board of directors at Global Outpouring. Valerie was a speaker at our recent convention, and she got a word of the Lord about “the new wine is in the cluster.” The enemy has worked tirelessly to isolate us in recent years, but we need each other now more than ever before. It’s time for the Outpouring! It’s time for the new wine! And that new wine can only be found by coming together as a “cluster.” The Father is calling us back into community so the we can work together – every generation, tribe, and tongue – to bring in the harvest as He pours out of Himself in these last days.

And tune in for an exciting announcement about Convention 2025! You may just find your tribe, your “cluster,” there!


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