Podcast Episode 66: “On Earth as It Is in Heaven” with Dean Braxton Part 2

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Episode Synopsis:

(Part two of a two-part series). When Dean Braxton “flat-lined” while the doctor was fighting to save his life, he spent an hour and forty-five minutes in Heaven with the Father and Jesus, experiencing the eternal realm in all its glory! In this episode, Dean shares more about how to pray for the Harvest, especially for lost loved ones. He also shares how to partner with God in the outpouring. Listen to learn the answer. Dean will be joining us at our headquarters August 6-7, 2021. Come and enjoy a taste of Heaven in person or via our Global Outpouring YouTube Channel or Facebook @GOGlobalOutpouring.

Dean Braxton’s website: https://www.deanbraxton.com/

RELATED LINKS: The full segment of the 700 Club’s report on Dean Braxton’s death experience: https://youtu.be/o0wJhPOmGdA



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