Take the Keys and Lock It Up!

Beloved Intercessors,

The mountain forest all around us has decked itself in multiple shades of green as gray skies have poured out at least six inches of rain in the past few days in Engeltal. Thankfully the Lord has provided a new mower that is MUCH more efficient and will cut down on the amount of “weed eating” to keep the place looking well-tended. Last year Philip and Tabby spent many, many hours and days trying to keep ahead on the task. But Tabby has followed the leading of the Lord back to her home in Iowa (still coming to help with events, though), so Bill Bethke and Bob Baldwin are helping to run the new mower.

I apologize for not getting the weekly updates out about who is speaking on Fridays and the subject of our weekly podcasts for the last several weeks. (We have posted a podcast player on our website so that you can browse through all 107 episodes we have made so far.) We are all stretching beyond human limits by the grace of God here in Engeltal. Now that Gene and Marylois have returned to Israel, and Karen has spread her wings into her own ministry (and also returned to Israel), we are Philip and me plus three! Tamera is running our in-house bookstore and mail order department single-handedly. It’s normally done by two or three. Margaret is desperately trying to catch up two months’ worth of work in accounting. The loss of Sandy Baldwin in that department has been devastating! And Margaret took up so much responsibility in the cleaning, remodeling, and refurnishing of the houses prior to the school that she got way behind. Rose joined us to run our bookstore in Jasper and she normally helps Margaret with filing on her day off from the store! Bill and Bob who don’t live here in the Valley volunteer their time as they are able.

Please pray with us for God to send the full-time and part-time helpers to fulfill all that He has for this ministry, especially prior to events.

We need helpers to:

  • clean (dust, vacuum, mop, sweep, clean toilets, change beds, deep clean the things that we couldn’t get to).
  • Keep the grounds for the summer.
  • Pull weeds that have overtaken the flower gardens.
  • Cook for the staff and helpers.
  • Answer telephones.
  • Answer letters.
  • Do computer data entry.
  • Do technical work in the AV department, website, as well as computer and network upkeep.
  • Keep up our social media and advertising, graphic design.
  • Auto maintenance and repair.
  • Building maintenance and repair.

Some of these things can be full-time positions, but some can be done in short, occasional visits, or even off site. Please pray with us over this list and call out those who are willing and able to come in obedience to the Holy Spirit’s tug at their heart.

I came to help for the summer in 1977. I can honestly say that in 45 years of persevering to obey God and living by faith, I have experienced amazing Glory and growth in Him that I never would have had if I had followed my natural inclinations. I have seen God prove Himself faithful day by day, year by year, and decade by decade. What a MIGHTY God we serve!

It’s Time to Take the Keys! Do you remember playing “London Bridge” as a child? In the second verse the “bridge” (two children) would “capture” one of the players while they all sang, “Take the keys and lock her up, lock her up, lock her up…” I won’t get into the mysteries and speculations of the history of the song—no one really knows—but the point I want to make is that there is a time when it’s “GAME OVER” and doors have to be closed and locked!

As I mentioned in our last letter/blog, see yourself clothed in Jesus. According to Colossians 2:9-10, the fullness of the Godhead dwells in Him bodily and we dwell in Him and He in us. So, He makes us complete and entire—shalom—nothing lacking, and nothing broken. The accuser has nothing to work with when He can only see Jesus in us and on us. We yield ourselves to Him and He comes forth in power in and through us. Can you see it?

When Peter declared the revelation he had received about Jesus being the Messiah, Jesus declared that this revelation was the bedrock of the Kingdom Legislators and that He would give him/them the KEYS to the Kingdom. Here’s how the Young’s Literal Translation puts it: “and I will give to thee the keys of the reign of the heavens, and whatever thou mayest bind upon the earth shall be having been bound in the heavens, and whatever thou mayest loose upon the earth shall be having been loosed in the heavens” (Matthew 16:19). In other words, our interaction with the Holy Spirit within us will cause us to make the declarations in the earth according to the will and purposes of God. Let Him work through you to lock down the darkness with the light of Jesus Christ that is at work in you!

According to 2 Corinthians 10:3-6, our warfare is not in the flesh, but through the mighty weapons of God, we can pull down strongholds in the spirit realm. This will be in the degree that we have worked in obedience to the Holy Spirit to pull them down in our own thinking and imagination. As we cast down the thoughts of the accuser in our own minds, God can use us to punish the disobedience around us.

We are to be the hinderers! The word for keys comes from a word that means to shut up or obstruct. When Paul spells out the timing of the coming of the antiChrist in 2 Thessalonians 2, he refers to the one who hinder or obstruct his appearing (I believe it’s the Bride!). That term comes from a root that means to keep down. You can study it out for yourself, but as I see it, “the lawless one … whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming” (2 Thessalonians 2:8 NKJV) cannot come to the forefront as long as the hinderers are doing their job of hindering his progress. (Don’t you love it that Paul describes his demise before he allows for his entrance on the scene?!!) Those who have submitted themselves to God will resist the devil and he will flee (James 4:7)!

Our job is to cast down and keep down under lock and key until the Lord takes us out of the way for a brief time to give the lawless one enough rope to hang himself! His operation, though destructive in the moment will be like a single blip on the radar screen of eternity—a flash in the pan! Get the picture of how small and insignificant he is from an eternal perspective! And looks at the mightiness of our Redeemer to transform us into His image from Glory to GLORY and use us for His eternal purposes!

A Sneak Preview of Answered Prayer—the Leak: Yes! We rejoice that the overturning of Roe v. Wade is a reality in the heavenlies and will shortly become a full reality in the earth as the Ekklesia has been declaring for nearly 50 years, but don’t stop praying now!

Let this victory rather be a call to press on to a greater completion of the destruction of darkness in this nation and the nations of the world that have come under this evil influence! The shedding of innocent blood is only one of the abominations God hates. These are things that God finds disgusting and abhorrent that the forever loser has perpetrated to keep us under a curse.

Keep praying until the move of God changes hearts so that they will no longer want to have abortions or to shed innocent blood!

Keep praying until hearts are changed so that they don’t want to be involved in sexual immorality, pornography, perversion, human trafficking, etc. The “need” for abortion will be greatly curtailed when fornication stops due to the move of God in our society.

Keep praying until the lives of those who practice witchcraft, sorcery, satanism and use drugs, are either changed or they are removed.

Keep praying until idolatry (Freemasonry and all of that ilk, Hinduism, Hollywood’s stardom system, political power) is obliterated because of changed hearts.

Keep praying until the outpouring of the Holy Spirit transforms this nation and the nations of the world!

Apparently Unanswered Prayer: We heard the testimony of someone’s visit to Heaven where they saw a huge warehouse of unclaimed answers to prayer. There were houses, vacuum cleaners, babies, vehicles, and all manner of things that one could desire. They were all unclaimed, waiting for the persevering prayer that would unlock the hindrances. It’s not that God is holding anything back from us! He’s waiting for us to place the requisition for the supply and disallow darkness to hold it back! Pray! Persevere! Pray! Persevere! Pray! Persevere!

Dean Braxton Returns for a Seminar “Your Place in Eternity: How Judgment Began,” May 27-28, 2022: Are you coming? Have you registered for this ministry of depth? We need to learn how to think from Heaven’s perspective in the 8 ½ hour training on Friday evening and Saturday. It will be life-changing! Please pray about coming to be with us for this entire event. Each session will build upon the previous one. Don’t try to come for some of it—you won’t get it! You need to be in the Friday night session in order for the Saturday sessions to make sense. It will NOT be live streamed. Go to our website to register. We will be opening Engeltal for “bed and breakfast” for $30 on Friday night. Attendees will use local restaurants for their other meals or supply their own.

Global Outpouring Convention 2022, July 19-22: Join us this year as we gather to celebrate Jesus and be equipped for the Outpouring that is on the way! Speakers include Tony Kemp, Mark Bristow, Rona Spiropoulos, Gene Little, and me. We have details on our website including where to book local accommodations (scroll down to the bottom of the event page). Hurry! The closest ones fill up fast! Registration will be available soon. Engeltal will NOT be open for guests for this event.

Friday Night Live Worship: Tonight, we will be streaming from the Glory Tabernacle on a Zoom call that will bring our bi-lingual ministry from Argentina. ETH Pastora Betty Colazo de Bulacio will be ministering. Join us live on our Facebook page or YouTube channel at 7 PM or any time from the archives.

Prayer Opportunities: Join with us daily (except Fridays) as you are able as we pray and decree together on our Firewall Prayer Call at 6:00 PM Central. We intercede prophetically over whatever subjects the Holy Spirit leads. It’s different every day—sometimes it’s national issues, sometimes international, sometimes praying for prodigals, healings etc. We welcome you to join us! Dial (425) 436-6348, when the recorded voice answers, dial 7411925#. Normal toll charges apply as any long-distance call would normally on your phone. If you have unlimited calling, you should have no additional charges.

Thank you so much for your fiery heart joining with us with a passion to serve Jesus together! We are grateful to the Lord for this relationship! Just obey God!!!

Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

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