The Burden for India

The burden of India
December 5, 2008

Beloved Intercessor,

India, beloved India,
Why do I love you so?
Why do I long to stand on your soil
With your burden bending me low?

You’ve gripped my heart with a love so strong
That will not let me go.
And when I must leave you and come away
I cannot forget you, you know.

I carry your image stamped on my heart
My tears are oft mingled with yours.
I’ve suffered with you in the heat and cold
And worked with your sons for our Lord.

Your children I’ve held in my arms as they died,
Your widows I’ve comforted, too.
I’ve prayed for your sick and searched for your lost.
What else, dear Lord, can I do?

If giving my life would help you to find
The Christ of the India road
I’d gladly say yes, and lay it down now
That you might be released from sin’s load.

How can I share this burden I feel
With a carefree, indifferent world?
How can I get my own people to care
For you that they all might behold…

Your struggle and suffering, your pangs for birth,
Your cry for help in the night?
As darkness now closes you all around
How can I send you the Light?

India, beloved India,
Why do you pull me apart?
It must be because my Lord loves you, too
And He’s loving you through my heart.

Gwen R. Shaw

The burden of India has been very heavy on my heart this week. The world changed on Sept 11, 2001. Nothing will be the same any more. We will never again know peace until The Prince of Peace returns. But I believe that we do not have long to wait now.

Let us keep our hearts ready. I heard that many Moslems were becoming Christians in Mumbai (Bombay). I guess the devil just didn’t like what was going on. He is soon going to lose a whole lot of souls that he has kept in captivity for hundreds of years. It is a miracle that so few Americans were killed.

Please pray for us as Doreen and I drive up to Chicago next week for meetings. One of our high-lights will be seeing my new grandson, Andrew (joy, in the midst of sorrow).

I am not going to write about the economical situation-you hear about it every day on the news. This is a problem that has come about because of our sins.

I beg you to pray for Zimbabwe-the British news tells about the terrible outbreak of cholera-dozens dying every day. It will not stop at the borders. Larry, Arla and Pamela have left for Kenya and Malawi with Pastor Bobby Hogan and three more. Pray that God will protect them; Malawi borders Zimbabwe. Also, pray for Chuck and Helen Todd, and Mary Ann DiVito. They have left for Georgia, in the former Soviet Union. We are also very concerned for the fighting in Hebron, Israel. How we need to pray! The world is in turmoil.

I’ll be ministering at the following places while in Chicago. I hope to see you there.

In His Service,

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