The Day of His Mighty Power is Beginning to Dawn!

Beloved Intercessors;

Loving greetings from Engeltal with the Passion Translation of Psalm 110:3.

“Your people will be your love offerings,
like living sacrifices spilled out before you!
In the day of your mighty power you will be exalted,
and in the brightness of your holy ones you will shine
as an army arising from the womb of the dawn,
anointed with the dew of your youth!”

Beloved, we are coming into a new day of the power of God being manifested. Can you sense it? It feels like breakthrough is imminent and darkness is both trembling and preparing their last ditch efforts to prevent or delay the coming of our King Jesus Christ.

The Day of His mighty power is beginning to dawn! Linda Gladman reminded us the other day of a vision that she had many years ago of a woman sleeping in her bed. Linda asked the Lord who it was that she was seeing. The Lord said, “That’s my Bride, and she’s asleep.” Then Linda heard the alarm clock going off, and the Lord said, “I keep sounding the alarm, but she keeps turning on the snooze. But I’m getting ready to sound the alarm that will shake her to the depths of her being, and when I do, she will leap off her bed of complacency.” Then she saw the Bride leap up out of bed feet first and land at the foot of her bed. Her armor was laid out on the floor, and in one swoop of motion, she bent down and slipped into her armor. As she was walking out to go into the battle, she heard the Lord say, “Take up your bed, and make no provision for a relapse!” She knew that this was the end times and she wouldn’t be coming back to her bed anymore.

I must confess, I often find it challenging to wake up in the morning, and I do hit the snooze button. My heart is stirred and challenged to press in for the grace to overcome. I want to be His love offering, like a living sacrifice spilled out before Him! As the Day of His mighty power dawns, I want to see Him exalted! I want to see Him shine in the brightness of His holy ones as this army arises from the womb of the dawn, anointed with the dew of His youth!”

I just celebrated my 60th birthday, and would be very happy to receive an infilling of the dew of the Lord’s youth! I have been pressing in recently in the prayers in Ephesians 1 and 3, and gaining new personal revelation regarding the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. There is so much in the Word that we won’t get if we don’t take the time to meditate on it!

Are we willing to do His will in this the dawning of the Day of His power? Do we have our armor on yet? Are we prepared to lay down our lives for Him? How about today? Are we walking in obedience to Him and doing what He commanded? Are we laying down our will to Him one choice at a time?

I heard someone say recently that if you are not hearing from God, go back to the last thing He said to you and examine whether you have obeyed Him in it. In the Day of His power we must be hearing clearly from Him—our survival could depend on it!

How about the 40th World Convention, July 2-6, 2018, Springdale, Arkansas? Are you obeying God for His purposes in your life for that time? If you resonate with this ministry, the question shouldn’t be, “Lord, do You want me to go?” It should be, “Lord how do You want me to get there?” If you don’t think that it’s in your budget, you must pull on the Word of God to provide for all your needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus—that is abundance! You NEED to be there to bring your personal anointing into the synergy of the corporate Body of Christ that will be there. The Body needs you and you need the impartation and equipping that will be available to you there.

If some other event is pulling on your heart, you must be responsible to truly hear from God and not just do what you want to do. There will be mantles of Glory available to those who pay the price to get there. Make sure that your priorities are right with eternity in mind.

This is going to be an amazing opportunity to receive from the Lord as we participate together in Worship and strategic intercession, as well as hear the Word of God through dynamic speakers. You will have the opportunity to develop relationships that will continue for eternity. This link will give you information and links to register and make hotel reservations: . You may also call (479) 751-8300 to make hotel reservations.

If you are finding the cost of flights to be a hindrance, look into flying into Tulsa and renting a car. It’s only a two-hour drive from there to Springdale.

The Spring Gathering, May 2-4, is a similar, critically important event. Although Etienne Blom is one of our speakers for the World Convention, he will be with us in Engeltal for four sessions in the Glory. This is an opportunity to connect on a more personal level in a smaller setting to participate in God’s purposes and receive from Him.

We always note on our event schedules that they are subject to change by the Holy Spirit. We have a significant change to report to you that has come by His leading:

We are shortening the event by two meetings, closing after lunch on Friday, May 4.  Why?

  1. Etienne Blom has to leave Friday afternoon. We understood this from the beginning and had planned to have other speakers for the Friday night and Saturday morning meetings.
  2. Heidi Baker is scheduled to speak in Springfield, MO on Friday evening and all day Saturday. We do not feel that it is in the best interests of the Body of Christ to compete with our sister’s meetings and make people have to choose between being there or being with us.

Next Prayer Letter: Due to the Spring Gathering the first week of May, we will only have an abbreviated Prayer Letter on May 1 that will only be sent via email. Our staff will be occupied with the event and won’t be able to put out a printed version. We apologize to those who receive it through the mail. Please check if someone you know that receives it via email would print you a copy.

Please pray that those whom God is calling to Engeltal to volunteer to help carry the load will be so filled with the love of God that they will not want to resist His calling, but will joyfully give themselves to Him as a living sacrifice and help us as we enter this Day of the Lord’s power. We need a cook and kitchen helper, at least one secretary, housekeepers, groundskeepers, maintenance helpers, gardening helpers, accounting helpers, bookstore helpers, etc. Pray for willing volunteers for the Day of His power.

New Levels of Intercession: Dr. Sam Matthews, who carries the mantle of the intercessor, Rees Howells, texted me yesterday and mentioned, “New levels of intercession are coming forth.” Are we ready to get into agreement with our Father’s heart to go to those new levels? It’s part of the dawning of the Day of His power.

Intercession for Israel and Iran: Max, a former Muslim, was shown by the Lord to pray against planned attacks on Israel from Iran, in concert with other terrorist organizations. Of course we must pray for those plans to be thwarted and for Israel to be protected, but we must also pray for God to continue to move in Iran. With a population of almost 82 million, Iran is approximately 1.07% of the population of the entire world. According to Operation World, 98% are Muslim, and the vast majority practice Shia Islam, the State Religion. In answer to the prayers of many intercessors, Muslims around the world (and also in Iran) are having visions and dreams of a “Man in white,” and so their search begins. Satellite television and Internet are broadcasting the Gospel into Iran 24/7 and the (underground) house church movement is considered the fastest-growing in the world. Many Iranians are searching for the truth and millions are watching these broadcasts. Our dear friend, Kamran Yaraei, who spoke at the World Convention in 2009, has a satellite program called, “Lessons in Love,” in which he introduces the love of God to people whose god doesn’t love. Ask God to give you a burden for the Muslims and let Him put them in your heart—especially the Iranians. They can’t help where they were born or that a cruel Islamic regime has been ruling over them for nearly 40 years. PRAY! Step up to a new level of intercession for the people on God’s heart!

Do we recognize the time of our visitation? In Luke 19:41-44, Jesus wept over Jerusalem. He knew that judgment was imminent and spoke of the devastation that was coming because they didn’t recognize the Day of His visitation in which He offered true peace—shalom—wholeness. How we turn from doing our own thing to do His thing in this Day of His power will determine whether and/or how much we will see of judgment and devastation in the fullness of the time. This dawning is bringing great change—and we have to change with it! We must put off the old wine skins and prepare to be made new again. You can renew an old wineskin to make it ready to receive new wine if you turn it inside out and scrape it! It is time to move from the old into the new. It’s a new era—the dawning of the Day of His power!

Urgent Prayer Needed! Please pray for Mannah Schmidt, Sister Gwen’s son Tommy’s wife. She is in ICU in the University Hospital in Little Rock. Last week she began having abdominal pain and by the weekend her arms and legs quit working. When she couldn’t swallow and was having trouble breathing, doctors put a feeding tube and a breathing tube into her. Apparently a virus caused her immune system to kick into gear, but then her immune system began attacking her nervous system. They are hoping to have arrested the paralysis before it began to attack her vital organs. Please pray for a miraculous healing for Mannah!

Ark Roof: Hallelujah! We are delighted to report that the roofers arrived on Monday and are three quarters finished—and the best part is that we have the full amount in the bank to pay them! Thank you so much for your prayers and giving!

Thank you! We are always so grateful to each one who is standing with us in unity both in prayer and in giving. The Lord, and we, so appreciate your loving, living sacrifices that you are pouring out in this dawning of the Day of His power! May God multiply it back to you!

Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip


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