The LORD also shall roar out of Zion!

“The LORD also shall roar out of Zion and utter His voice from Jerusalem.; and the heavens and the earth shall
shake: but the LORD will be the hope of His people, and the strength of the children of Israel” (Joel 3:16).

Dear Intercessors for Israel,

Two weeks have passed now since Israel was suddenly and brutally attacked by hundreds of Iranian
sponsored Hamas terrorists. Whole families were murdered, kibbutzim destroyed and Israel Defense
Force (IDF) bases overrun. Statistics released by the government show that close to 1400 Israelis lost
their lives, with another 3,500 injured and over 300 taken hostage, including foreign nationals and
workers. The date October 7th, has come to be known here as “Black Saturday” or the “Simchat Torah
attack.” Many Israelis still are in shock, while others are under burdens of depression, and heaviness. I
talked to my secular auto insurance agent yesterday, in his office. The man said that this sudden attack
had “ripped my heart out.” He then said, that while I could go home to America, “where can we go?” I
tried to cheer him up, but my words seemed to go nowhere. Only the WORD, and its promises can
instill hope. Only the knowledge that LORD God is the hope and strength of the children of Israel
comforts. My advice is speak words of comfort to those who are Jewish in this hour. Pray Psalm 23 or
decree Psalm 91 to them. Many who are in a place of sorrow now are open to a prayer or to just be with
them. This is not the hour to be a “Job’s comforter,” to his people.

There are many good Arabs here too, who find themselves in a place of conflict, and in a battle for their
allegiance. They find their employment in Israel, but live in Islamic communities. There they are
pressured to align themselves with the anti-Jewish political and social agendas. Today, the Palestinian
Authority (P.A.) instructed the Imams in the mosques to include insightful verses from the Koran that
call for murdering the Jews (

“The Worst Experience in my Life”

An Arab doctor was captured by Hamas, October 7th, shot in the leg and then tied to a metal pole in the
middle of an intersection. Physician Tarek Abu Arar a resident of Arara HaNegev, was driving to his shift
in the emergency room at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon on Saturday morning when at a junction near the
Israeli city of Sderot, he came across a person who seemed injured on the side of the road next to a 4×4
vehicle. But it was a trap. The person was a terrorist in an IDF uniform. They shot Tarek but he was
wearing a bulletproof vest. He began shouting in Arabic, to stop, which they did. These Hamas terrorists
pulled him out of his vehicle and began to question him about his knowledge of Islam. Satisfied he was a
Muslim, they tied him to a pole and shot him again in the leg. The terrorists then continued to shoot at
the traffic, killing many drivers and passengers. Tarek was rescued eight hours later.

Dr. Tarek, when interviewed declared: “This was the worst experience of my life. I have dedicated my
life to helping others and saving lives, both in my profession as a doctor and my volunteering with
United Hatzalah. To be forced to witness the horrible slaughter carried out in front of my eyes was
terrible. I have no words to describe it,” he said. ( Pray salvation and healing for this man.

The Bedouin

The October 7th Hamas attack inflicted a heavy toll on the Negev Bedouin Arabs, an ancient,
traditionally pastoralist nomadic people now settled mostly in Israel’s southern Negev desert. Twelve
members of this Bedouin community were killed, seven are currently being held hostage and dozens
more were injured in Saturday’s attack.
The first rocket fired by Hamas fell in Hura, a Bedouin settlement. It killed a 5-year-old boy. Another
killed four children two kilometers (1.2 miles) away, wounding the rest of the family. The third killed a
woman and her grandmother. Abu Siam, an Bedouin leader and pacifist declared in an recent interview
a message of peace: “I’m an Arab, a Muslim, an Israeli. I am heartbroken by all the violence I have seen
on both sides. We must never attack women, children, those who are not involved in a conflict. On
either side. War is never the solution to anything. We need to talk to each other to find
solutions,” (


Thirty Israelis Rescued

Another Arab Bedouin, 47-year-old Youssef Ziadna, a driver is being hailed a hero by Israelis. Hearing by
What’s App text of the Hamas attack at the RAVE, he rushed to the site with his 14 passenger minivan. Ziadna drove straight into the ambush, even though his van was peppered by bullets managed to
rescue 30 Jewish Israelis. He successfully then bypassed another ambush by driving on dirt roads and
brought them all safely to another outlying Kibbutz. When interviewed, Ziadna stated: “I would never
wish on anyone to see what I saw,” Ziadna told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “This is trauma for my
whole life. When I sit alone and recollect, I can’t help the tears.”

Yet at the same time, Ziadna is grieving a cousin who was murdered during the attack and worrying
about four other family members who remain missing; he also received a threat from someone who
claimed to be affiliated with Hamas, vowing retaliation for Ziadna’s efforts to save Jews after they were
recounted in a local newspaper. And Ziadna is concerned that his fellow Bedouins, a minority that
remains marginalized in many ways within Israeli society, are at risk given the lack of bomb shelters in
Rahat. The stress of it all has already sent him to the emergency room with chest pains — but he is
determined to press on.

“When I think about it, I ask how did we get out of there,” Ziadna recalled last Monday, 10 days after
the massacre. “I guess it’s fate that we’re meant to live longer in this world” (See for
more). Pray salvation and healing for this man and all the Bedouin.


Kiryat Shmona Evacuated

The whole nation is under stress. The government announced today, that the northern town of Kiryat
Shmona (The Town of Eight: named in honor of Joseph Trumpeldor and seven others, killed in defense of
the land in 1920), would be evacuated. Kiryat Shmona is Israel’s northern most city and is home to 22,000
residents. Its closeness to Lebanon, makes it a target for rocket fire and cross border attacks. Yesterday,
Hezbollah fired some 30 rockets into northern Israel. Route 99, a northern Israel border road has also
been closed.

The Army of Israel

Encamped around the borders of Gaza tonight is the army of Israel. Some 350,000 strong, they await the
order to invade. Any strike must be quick and lethal, but the challenges are immense: tank traps, Kornet
armor piecing missiles, snipers, tunnels and rockets. Yet the battle is more than just Hamas. This terror
organization is supported by tens of thousands of sympathizers ready to jump into the fray. Yet, Israel
must invade, as chances for recovering the hostages grow smaller every day. Pray for the Israel Defense
Force (IDF). Pray for their safety. Pray for divine intervention. Pray that every one of the hostages is
located and rescued.

President Biden’s Visit

President Biden paid a quick seven hour visit to Israel, to stand in solidarity with the people of the Jewish
State. He also announced that $100 million dollars would be given to the Palestinian Authority (P.A.)
Arabs of Gaza for humanitarian aid. The United Nations would be tasked with fairly distributing the
assistance. Biden also called for the establishment of a humanitarian aid corridor so that food, water and
medicines could be given out also to the poor beleaguered residents. However in the midst of his visit,
both the King of Jordan, Abdullah, and the President of Egypt, El Sissi, announced that they would not
take any Palestinian refugees. They instead recommended that Israel open up its border and send them
into the barren lands of its Negev desert!

King Abdullah, El-Sissi, and Palestinian Authority President Abbas, also declined to meet with President
Biden, blaming him for supporting Israel when that nation supposedly destroyed a Gazan hospital, causing
500 dead. (In actuality, a failed rocket slammed into the parking lot of the hospital and caused some 10-50

This has been a week for other political leaders to visit Israel for talks. German Chancellor Scholz paid a
visit, followed also by U.K.’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. California Governor Gavin Newsom arrived
today also on a solidarity visit. The Prime Minister of India Shri Modi also spoke with Prime Minister
Netanyahu by phone. All these leaders expressed Israel’s right to defend itself and its citizens against

Shout unto God!

This is a week to Blow a trumpet in Zion, and declare Israel’s victory over its enemies. Pray that a “shout
of the LORD” be in the camp of the Israel Defense Force. Pray for the total recovery of the 300
hostages, including babies, children, retirees, IDF soldiers, foreign workers and citizens.

This is a week of real danger here and we need your prayer cover. This is a time when the people of Israel
need to see the Ha Shem’s angels around them, instead of looking at the strength of the opposing armies
(II Kgs 6:16-17). Say to all of Israel: “Fear not, for the LORD thy God is with thee!”

Shabbat Shalom,

Gene and Marylois Little
House of Peace

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