The Shaking and the Glory!

Beloved Intercessors,

Loving greetings from the Valley of Angels! I will be sharing below some things the Lord has given in my journal in response to the School of the Supernatural, Translation by Faith, and the dream of Chris Reed, but I want to start by declaring how exciting it is to be living in this time and how grateful we are that He is equipping us for His Divine service. He is continuing to provide rich, life-changing supply, even in the upcoming events He has led us to organize here in Engeltal.

Dean Braxton Returns for a Seminar May 27-28, 2022: We are so grateful to the Lord that He is continuing to bring us ministry of depth! Dean Braxton who spent an hour and 45 minutes outside of time in Heaven, is fully engaged in bringing the message of life to the earth that he experienced in Heaven. Most of the time it is for evangelistic purposes, reaching the lost with the Good News of all that Jesus did to restore us to relationship with our Father. But, Dean explains that about once a year the Lord leads him to do a teaching for the saints that will help equip us with a greater understanding to fulfil all that God designed us to be.

Dean will be with us again to bring this strong, deep teaching: “Your Place in Eternity: How Judgment Began.” This is an 8 ½ hour seminar in three sessions that will help you to learn how to think from Heaven’s perspective. It will be life-changing! Please pray about coming to be with us for this entire event. Each session will build upon the previous one. It will NOT be live streamed. Don’t try to come for some of it—you won’t get it! You need to be in the Friday night session in order for the Saturday sessions to make sense. Go to our website to register. We will be opening Engeltal for “bed and breakfast” for $30 on Friday night. Attendees will use local restaurants for their other meals or supply their own.

Global Outpouring Convention 2022, July 19-22: Join us this year as we gather to celebrate Jesus and be equipped for the Outpouring that is on the way! Speakers include Tony Kemp, Mark Bristow, Rona Spiropoulos, Gene Little, and me. We have details on our website including where to book local accommodations (scroll down to the bottom of the event page). Hurry! The closest ones fill up fast! Registration will be available soon. Engeltal will not be open for guests for this event.

Download from the Lord: The School of the Supernatural was over the top! We had lots of new faces in a nearly full house (a few upper bunks were empty). The teaching built a solid scriptural foundation of understanding of what God has available for us as we draw near to Him in an intimate relationship. Sister Gwen prepared us for this with many stories of people being taken by the Lord as Paul was (whether in the body or out of the body) to do His works in the earth.

The day after the school was over, I wrote the following in my journal, and the Lord responded beautifully!

Father, THANK YOU for all You have done this week in our first School of the Supernatural, Translation by Faith! I am so grateful for the lives that were touched and changed, and especially me!

You are welcome! You are always welcome in My Realm. You are My daughter and I formed you for this.

“For this reason/purpose the Son of God appeared/was manifested/revealed to destroy/break up/undo/loose/eradicate the works of the devil/accuser” (1 John 3:8). [Amplification mine from words from various translations]

I formed you in My image to walk with Me, in Me, with Me in you, to bring My Light into the darkness.

Start in prayer and practicing My Presence continually.

Continual practice of sin establishes the domain of darkness. Continual practice of My Presence loosens, undoes, destroys, and eradicates the works of the destroyer.

You will teach this, but first master it by yielding to My mastery.

It’s the mastery of My mysteries from a heart of passionate love for Me that will produce My Kingdom in the earth. Your body is made of the earth. Bring it into loving submission to all that I finished in My Passion on the cross. Go deeper, deeper still into My love and passion for you and carry My fire to the nations. I will take you there in many ways: translation, podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, physical travel, prayer, and intercession, etc.

You will look back on this school as a turning point in your life, in this ministry, and in many ways that you do not yet know. There is a losing and setting free taking place. Yield yourself to Me in it. It is the intersection of prophecy and its time for fulfillment.

Thank You, Father!

You are SO VERY WELCOME! Come up higher as you sink deeper into Me, My Plans, and My Purposes. You will surely have good success beyond your dreams and imaginations.

Listen for My instructions. I will surely, faithfully give them to you and the grace to obey.

Continue to faithfully ask for discernment. Your adversary doesn’t want his works undone.

Chris Reed’s Dream: Perhaps you have already heard of the prophetic dream Chris Reed received March 25, 2022.[1] It has strong implications of the shakings and judgments of God on our nation. But just this morning, Philip and I were reading in Amos 7 where God gave Amos three visions. The first two were very destructive (a plague of grasshoppers, and fire) and each time Amos interceded and the Lord relented to say that He would not do those things. In the third, the Lord declared His plumbline over Israel and promised to destroy the high places and false temples, and raise a sword against the house of the wicked king. Intercession can make a big difference! However, I remember that a word was given years ago that if the intercessors put off the Lord’s judgment at that time, when it eventually came later, it would be worse than if we had let Him do it then. We need to realize that God’s judgment produces justice and the restoration of His righteous rule, so let’s line up with His plumbline and ask Him to remember mercy in His wrath (Habakkuk 3:2).

Another Download: About an hour before the alarm was scheduled to go off this morning, I was awakened abruptly. I heard in my spirit, “Go to a quiet place and listen.” I obeyed. As you read what came to me, ask the Holy Spirit to help you receive and process what pertains to you.

In the same way that you begin to see things that were hidden by darkness as the dawn comes, so it is that revelation increases as the light of My Glory causes the darkness to flee.

The knowledge3045 of My Glory shall certainly fill all the earth as the waters cover the sea [see Habakkuk 2:14].

As I am looking at the Hebrew word for “knowledge” in the above scripture (yada, Strong’s #3045), I’m surprised to see that this word is a verb in its infinitive construct (action word, “to know”) rather than a noun (person, place, or thing) like we see in most English translations. The Aramaic Bible in Plain English gives a better understanding of it: “Because the Earth shall be filled to know the glory of LORD JEHOVAH as the waters that cover the sea.”

In the free flow of My Spirit, your opportunity to know Me increases. Knowing Me is one quarter of the promises of the New Covenant that My Son paid for with His Blood [Jeremiah 31:31-34, Hebrews 8:11].

In these days of shaking and turmoil, I Am shaking to destruction every structure that is not of My Kingdom [Hebrews 12:25-27].

As you submit yourself to Me in intimate, loving, passionate surrender, I will yield to you greater access to My heart. I will show Myself to you in the degree that you allow Me control in your life.

Your stillness allows Me to move. Sometimes (often) you do not perceive My movement because I Am so vast that you cannot comprehend it.

When you are traveling in a jet at 600 miles per hour [965 km/h] at an altitude of 35,000 feet [10,668 m] the only indication of movement you sense is the roar that you hear. If you look out the window, you perceive objects on the ground as being very small. Your perceptions change with altitude. You become aware of instability in the atmosphere when turbulence bumps and bounces the aircraft, but in smooth skies, you are moving very fast without perceiving it.

As you draw closer to Me, your earthly perceptions will be eclipsed by My heavenly revelation to you. I will teach you as you follow on to know Me.

You have to follow on! Pursue Me, seek Me and I will let you find Me. I Am endless and unsearchable in My vastness, but I will continue to reveal Myself and My truth as you continue to seek Me.

Be still, cease, desist and know Me—not only that I am God, but also that I am your Father, Saviour, Redeemer, Healer, Provider, Defender, Shelter from the storm, Rock, Strong Tower, Man of War, Commander of Angel Armies, and infinitely more than you can imagine. But keep on imagining and I will keep on revealing.

I Am the Pearl of Great Price. I Am the Treasure in the field. So sell all! Sell out! Trade your selfishness for My abundance! Exchange your childish kiddy car for My Chariot of Fire!

Stop your carnal reasoning and receive the inspiration of My Spirit!

I want to take you deeper than you know is possible. Silence and overcome the accuser by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony!

Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Me. Lose your life as you know it, and find the life I have prepared for you in Me. Let go of all you hold dear and you will find that I will redeem and glorify that which you give up to Me.

Trust Me, daughter, My child. You were not designed to carry stress and make things happen yourself. I designed you to carry My Glory that carries you. Climb out of your kiddy car and come into My provision, My nourishment of My Bread, the Bread of Heaven. As you eat of Me, your soul and body will become more and more subject to My Spirit operating through your spirit.

The revelation of My Glory in My People as they follow on to know Me will be a large part of what I Am doing in the earth in these days. Do not fear or be alarmed by the shakings! Let Me shake from you the ways of fallen humanity, trying to hide the loss of their glory by covering with scratchy fig leaves. I will restore the Glory to you as you clothe yourself in Me. Let go of human knowledge and know Me. Rest in Me and the stress will have no place to operate.

Friday Night Live Worship: We have missed two weeks of our Friday services, the first due to the school, and the second due to equipment complications (no sound), and our AV tech (as well as many other things), Bill Bethke, was injured when he felt something push him off a ladder (three steps from the bottom, but still a painful fall). He is recovering, thank God. Please pray for him! Tonight we will be streaming from our phones in our home, and plan to go more deeply into these things. Join us live on our Facebook page or YouTube channel at 7 PM or any time from the archives.

Israel Ministry: As I write this, Gene and Marylois are in the air, flying back to Israel to the House of Peace in Jerusalem. As they were about to drive away to head to the airport, I was praying for them and had a picture of them traveling on a rainbow that arced across land and sea from Engeltal to Jerusalem. I believe that they are going on a covenant promise to stand as intercessors for God’s People and God’s Land. Some of their travel expenses have already been covered and we are deeply grateful to those who have sent help. Continue to believe with us for the full debt to be erased from the credit cards.

Thank you so much for standing with us in unity of heart and purpose! The Lord is up to something great in the earth—what a delight to participate in His glorious Outpouring! Thank you for your prayers! Thank you for your help!

Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

[1] Mike and Cindy Jacobs discussed this dream with Chris and Chuck Pierce, giving a very fair and balanced viewpoint.

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