Wrestling in Prayer

Beloved Intercessors,

Loving greetings from Engeltal! Philip and I are in the final stages of preparing to go on a mission to Asia, leaving Wednesday. Bob Baldwin, Margaret Walters, Quintessa Lawrence, and Tabitha Peter will be joining us a week later. After we finish ministering in the northeast together, we will split up and some of us go to a northern area and some will go south. Quintessa, Philip and I are scheduled to return February 27, and the rest of the team plan to return closer to the middle of March.

We deeply covet your prayers! This is a very important mission to encourage people who can go where we cannot and minister in ways that we cannot. We want to impart to them of the gifts and revelation that the Holy Spirit has given us and also receive from their gifts and experiences in God. We are all ONE Body in the Lord!

Israel in March: The last three years we have taken a small group to Israel on a Prayer Assignment in March. This year we were waiting and waiting and waiting for orders from the Lord and hearing nothing about it. Marylois has stepped into the bookstore here at Engeltal since Bill Devlin returned to his family home in Niagara Falls (and Mike Heimlicher went with him). So her hands have been full trying to learn a huge task that she’ll do until it’s time for her and Gene to return to Israel in March. Please pray for the Lord’s replacement for that important office. We don’t want to have to shut the bookstore down!

So every time I sought the Lord about His plan, I just felt that Philip and I were to go according to the mandate that He gave to go in March and November. When I brought it up earlier this week to pray about it together in devotions, Gene and Marylois agreed that it was God’s will for us to plan to go. God has a plan and we trust Him! It is so important that we obey God, even when change or going into the unknown is a part of the process!

The Effectiveness of Prayer: I received a call earlier today from one of our handmaidens in the Midwest. She had called here with a prayer request over a mix-up with her attorney and how it got her into big trouble with the government. After prayer, she received a call that someone had paid her penalty out of his own pocket. Doesn’t that just sound like Jesus?! That’s just what He did, and He can move on anyone else to do it too. He opened the way so that we can receive! Glory to God!

Word from the Granddaughter of an ETH: We received this word this morning from Marilyn Groves that her granddaughter received from the Lord: “Change is coming. My Spirit is going to sweep through like a hurricane strong enough to take your breath away. I hear you calling. The battle is already won. Just stand firm. What the enemy intends for evil will not prevail. I will come through with such a force that the enemy will not be able to stand. Suffering only lasts for the night. Get ready, and test me in this. I cannot lie.”

Wrestling in Prayer: Marylois was sharing with us earlier this week a part of Pastor Mark Bristow’s message on prayer and how wrestlers use pressure and pain to win. As I waited on the Lord later that day and was meditating about that thought, I received this from the Lord:

Wrestlers apply continuous pressure and inflict pain in order to overcome their opponents. This is the strategy used by the Forever Loser.

Your best defense is a good offense and the best way for you to hold continuous pressure and inflict pain upon the Forever Loser is to remain in My Glory.

My Glory has weight and when you stay filled with My Presence and Glory, My weight combines with yours and wears out your opponent. My Glory is painful to him/them as they realize what they forfeited in their rebellion against Me.

Stay in My Glory with praise and worship. Stay in My Glory by keeping your focus on Me. Stay in My Gory by walking in forgiveness. Stay in My Glory by declaring My Word. Stay in My Gory by speaking in unknown tongues. Stay in My Glory by dancing before Me. Stay in My Glory by resting in My finished work.

The weapons of your warfare are not in the flesh, and if you try fleshly schemes, your opponent will overcome you. He is the forever loser. If you let My Spirit fight through you, you will see the defeat of that deceiver and you will witness his loss.

As you stay attuned to My Spirit, I will reveal My strategies to you to release in the earth in these times of the tipping of the balances from darkness to the Light of My Kingdom as it comes.

Thank You! We are so grateful for your Holy Spirit-led prayers and financial support! Keep believing God with us for an overflow in the missions budget as we press on to obey God and labour in the HARVEST!

Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

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