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From Don and Catherine James

We have been in the valley since mid June of 2023. We left for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to see our family and friends and have returned and feel God wants us here for the remainder of 2024.

Since we have returned from our Christmas Break, it has been wild. While we were gone, God supernaturally brought a family into the valley with four children ages 13 to 20. Many of us have been praying for younger people to be in the valley and here they are. The father is a professional painter and has helped with so many unfinished projects! We have reclaimed a house back from disarray. It is amazing what God is doing in our midst. The grounds and houses are coming alive again with activity and the Spirit of the Lord. 

In February a group from a church two hours away wanted to do something with their youth group. This group came to the Valley and Catherine and John and Linda Thomas oversaw the event. Even Tabby Peter came back for it. In the natural, they were in awe of the Indian caves, hiking, and the outdoors, and in the meetings they had revival. They brought some new youth not familiar with us and they were all set on fire praying for an hour and ministering and being ministered to. This group was at the Generation Awakening Retreat in the summer of 2023. The meetings they had were fully of the Spirit and they were being taught and encouraged to “do the stuff” of the ministry. Their “praiser” group are the most excited I have seen in a long time. If the group is together they will be singing and praising. The ones that were not filled with the Spirit when they came, left filled.


While this was going on Gene Little and I were in the Philippines with a group led by Pete Snyder. Some spiritual warfare happened with me at the start of the trip on arrival. I redeemed the time and drew closer and closer to Holy Spirit. It seemed like I came out of it feeling closer to God than I ever have. When I shared, it seemed to communicate to others, and listeners responded to the altar call as well as one on one. It was powerful and refreshing!

The team ministered at two different seminars for pastors and leaders, and in multiple churches on Sundays. Then some amazing things happened. We fed and prayed for the homeless, the poor, the prisoner, and the drug addict on the streets of Bacolod. John Bear Bailey and his team give out 450 meals twice a month. They would do more if they had more support. The outreach really touched me. We also went out to the orphanage John and his wife and team are building. They have a set of meetings every weekend. There was a powerful move of the Spirit and then it got even better. We ministered on Sunday to some rural groups that are on fire for God. They were so hungry for the Spirit and He moved among them. I left the Philippines full of the Holy Spirit and full of Father’s Love for His creation. Thanks Pete, it was the best mission trip I have ever been on as a Believer.

In Engeltal Valley amazing things are happening. God has brought some new people. Dennis McCrary, who was here twenty years ago, came again last May. He has taught survival camps for a long time and I can not wait for spring so he can begin to take us all through the woods. He loves the outdoors which means Father has sent someone to take care of the grounds. We are slowly working our way out reclaiming the perimeter of the property— and a beautiful property it is, thanks to Dennis.

Two other staff members have been on mission trips this year and it is exciting to know you are with a group that cares about what God is doing in the whole world.

The Solar Eclipse is coming right over us, and we are expecting thousands on Highway 7 just above the Valley. We are having evangelistic meetings up on top of the hill but down in the valley we are having a time of intercession. We Believe the Heavens are declaring the Glory of the Lord and we want to be a part of Holy Spirit’s team that realigns the Heavenlies for Father’s Will. I feel we can open this door of Revival and Renewal now or we can drag it out until… I want NOW! And we need intercessors to be here in the path of this major heavenly event to DECLARE the will of the Father and the doors to be open for what Holy Spirit is doing to Glorify Jesus. Out of the darkness the Light will be Declared and the Light will come. The days of transition are upon us let us pray into the Plan of the Lord Jesus. NOW IS THE TIME AND WE CANNOT TARRY, WE MUST ENGAGE.

Blessings to All,

Don and Catherine


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